The defense industry is continuously finding ways to meet the rapidly changing demands of ongoing global military activity while focusing on growth markets on the national and international fronts.

The defense industry is home to the most advanced research and development projects in the world. Much of the technology that is developed under its auspices leads directly to next-generation commercial products.

The urgency of industry response to addressing today’s security challenges further highlights the need to staff defense companies with the most competent, executive-level extraordinary personnel. Brilliant Minds Solutions works diligently to find individuals with hands-on defense-related experience with world-class organizations.

We place technical professionals in the areas of:

  • Information Security Analyst/Engineer
  • Information Security Officer/Manager
  • IT Project Management
  • Application/Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Forensics Analyst
  • Incident Handler
  • Intrusion Analyst
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Information Assurance Analyst/Engineer
  • Security Software Engineer

The Brilliant Minds Solutions’ team delivers:

  • Unique, comprehensive and client-focused personalized defense and security searches.
  • Relationship building expertise and highly specialized knowledge, professionalism, and execution.
  • The “hard to find” talent for your business.

Every search is tailored to our clients' needs, requirements, and cultures:

  • Assess Talent – candidates are fully profiled to assess their fit for our client's open positions.
  • Understanding clients' needs – In order to search out the best talent, we first must completely understand client's     requirements and cultural fit.

Our defense & security recruiters at Brilliant Minds Solutions have both local strength and international reach within the executive search industry. Each candidate search is tailored to fit our clients’ immediate and long-term goals, requirements and culture within your organization. We quickly find the accomplished candidates with the greatest experience and proven track records.