Derrick Ferguson

CEO /Founding Partner

Derrick Ferguson is the Founder and CEO of Brilliant Minds Solutions. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Derrick left his hometown and joined the US Army in the 1980s. After leaving the Military, Derrick began his career path in the hospitality industry where he met many successful business leaders in the fields of Healthcare, Politics, Education and Entertainment to name a few. He discovered his greatest strengths lay in building relationships combined with the innate desire to help others succeed. One such meeting with Kenneth Barton and Dr. Daniel Farkas created a unique opportunity to utilize both his military and natural people skills to form a recruiting firm that places PhDs and special skilled veterans.Derrick started his first business in 2012, Veteran Contact Center of Southern California (VCC West Coast) as a certified minority business owner and a service-disabled veteran small business owner. VCC is a network of veteran-owned businesses that employ veterans at call centers and find veterans employment through Veteran Workforce Initiatives.Derrick created Brilliant Minds Solutions LLC with the assistance of Dr. Daniel Farkas and Kenneth Barton as he realized the need for a unique, targeted recruitment firm that places both PhDs and special skilled Veterans in his community and throughout America. His primary, simple goal is to positively impact job seekers lives by finding the best employment opportunities tailored for each individual. He strives to maintain long-term partnerships through his innate understanding of his clients and their specialized needs, thereby ensuring that Brilliant Minds Solutions consistently provides excellent customer service and support, saving his clients both time and money.Through his leadership skills, strategic development, networking, team building and execution as an entrepreneur, Derrick has positioned his company through certifications and strategic partnerships for ultimate success for both the candidate and the client!


 Professional Skills
  • Analyze, Synthesize & Interpret Information.
  • Interpersonal Communication (oral & written)
  • Interact well with Diverse Cultures/ Groups.
  • Knowledge of Community Resources.
  • Research and Planning.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Ability to Understand & Improve Human Relationships.
  • Resolve Conflicts/ Counseling.